Pandemic Reading

I’ve read roughly a dozen books since March when COVID forced us all into figuring out how to live with new limitations. I’m a reader so I knew books would be among my best companions as I made my way through March, April, May, June — and even as I continue on. I read for … More Pandemic Reading

Is it not enough?

Beauty comes to me as a love letter.  Unfolding it, something enfolds me, and I cannot move past it. I am held by sight, sound and touch, sometimes even by a scent of something so lovely moving on is simply impossible. I must pause from whatever I am doing, wherever I am going. I must … More Is it not enough?


“I’m heading back now, I’ve got to clean the chicken coop,” Naomi said as we stood at the edge of the ocean watching as herring seiners vacuumed the sea. Above us, in the sky, squalls of gulls circled and plummeted, scooping up silver shards left behind by the seiners. “I’ll come and help,” I offered, … More Exhaustion