Do things happen for a reason?

For the past six years I have been part of a writers’ group that meets about once every six weeks in the dining room of my condo building. It is place of honest conversation, lots of questions, tears, laughter, applause. It always feels like a sacred space to me. We choose a word, a question … Continue reading Do things happen for a reason?

Exercising my writing muscles

“Can you recommend some books on writing,” a colleague and friend who is in the happy circumstance of being on sabbatical asked me recently. Unleashed from the demands of work and free to roam where he chooses, my friend, an artist, wants to exercise his writing muscles. Reading about writing is one way to do … Continue reading Exercising my writing muscles

From Seattle to Victoria, I saw a story unfold

I love ocean crossings. I took one recently, from Seattle to Victoria, through Puget Sound and the Strait of Juan de Fuca. It promised pleasant vistas of farms, lighthouses, rock cliffs and forested hills, with snowy mountains off in the distance. With a bit of luck, orcas might break the surface of the ocean. If … Continue reading From Seattle to Victoria, I saw a story unfold