Is it not enough?

Beauty comes to me as a love letter.  Unfolding it, something enfolds me, and I cannot move past it. I am held by sight, sound and touch, sometimes even by a scent of something so lovely moving on is simply impossible. I must pause from whatever I am doing, wherever I am going. I must … More Is it not enough?

Ashur’s Roses

Ashur bought the biggest bouquet in the flower shop. Long-stem red roses, white carnations – it was spectacular. “That’s the one,” he said to me. “That’s the one I want to buy.” A few minutes earlier, as I waited for Ashur to arrive I’d also bought a bouquet, a more diminutive spray of Gerber Daisies. … More Ashur’s Roses

Morning Glories and meditation: food for the soul

The Morning Glories on my balcony wake up earlier than I do each morning. They look like they’ve been up for hours primping and preening, every bloom a study in perfection. I’d be jealous if I didn’t know they too will be drooping with exhaustion by supper time. All that early morning energy consumes this … More Morning Glories and meditation: food for the soul