Ashur’s Roses

Ashur bought the biggest bouquet in the flower shop. Long-stem red roses, white carnations – it was spectacular. “That’s the one,” he said to me. “That’s the one I want to buy.” A few minutes earlier, as I waited for Ashur to arrive I’d also bought a bouquet, a more diminutive spray of Gerber Daisies. … Continue reading Ashur’s Roses

Exercising my writing muscles

“Can you recommend some books on writing,” a colleague and friend who is in the happy circumstance of being on sabbatical asked me recently. Unleashed from the demands of work and free to roam where he chooses, my friend, an artist, wants to exercise his writing muscles. Reading about writing is one way to do … Continue reading Exercising my writing muscles

Moving on up makes me appreciate high-density living

I grew up in a city that boasted one skyscraper. When I was a child, I thought that description was more than apt. After all, everything is big when you are small. Now, when I return home for summer visits to Corner Brook, Newfoundland, I look at the Sir Richard Squires building with amused affection. … Continue reading Moving on up makes me appreciate high-density living