Ashur’s Roses

Ashur bought the biggest bouquet in the flower shop. Long-stem red roses, white carnations – it was spectacular. “That’s the one,” he said to me. “That’s the one I want to buy.” A few minutes earlier, as I waited for Ashur to arrive I’d also bought a bouquet, a more diminutive spray of Gerber Daisies. … Continue reading Ashur’s Roses

A word, a chapter and the end of a story

My younger colleagues at work have been educating me in the use of slang.  One even gave me a box of flashcards as a Christmas gift, each one imprinted with one word or phrase and its hipster meaning. The cards have provided a source of amusement over the past few days as I’ve practiced letting … Continue reading A word, a chapter and the end of a story

An imprint of memory sparks euphoria

Pushing through the swinging doors I was fully prepared for a feeling of familiarity. It was the euphoria that caught me by surprise. Was it the smell or the sound that conjured up such profoundly happy memories for me? Or was it what I saw as I walked into the cavernous space? I suspect it … Continue reading An imprint of memory sparks euphoria