One Question Shaped a Story

A decade ago, when I moved to Toronto, I carried a question with me: What might happen if I intentionally loved my neighbor? Over the next five years, an unlikely community of friends began to form in my high-rise apartment building, and out of that community, so many stories. These stories form the core of my just-published memoir, My Vertical Neighborhood. Threaded through the stories are the many lessons I learned about why loving my neighbor makes such good sense.

If you’re also curious about this question, I hope you’ll read my book. And if you do, I’d love to hear from you.

Lynda MacGibbon, March 2021

“Lynda MacGibbon might have moved into her apartment building in order to help or serve her neighbors, but what she describes is the beautiful work of allowing neighbors to find and help each other. . . . My Vertical Neighborhood is not so much a manual on how to be an urban missionary as it is a gentle, inspiring memoir about neighborliness itself, and the way God works through us when we submit to the practices of humility, presence, and otherliness.”

From the Foreword by Michael Frost, author of Incarnate, Exiles and Leap of Faith

Early Reviews for My Vertical Neighborhood

“In her bold, insightful spiritual memoir My Vertical Neighborhood, Lynda MacGibbon explores what it means to “love your neighbor” in a diverse, cosmopolitan city…In a time marked by division and distrust, My Vertical Neighborhood is a gentle, thoughtful meditation on the value of opening the door, inviting people in, and celebrating together.” (Read More)

Kristen Rabe, Foreword Reviews

“MacGibbon’s empathy and energy for turning strangers into friends allows for many moving insights: “Each person has a role to play in seeding, strengthening, and sustaining relationships among us.” This touching exploration will appeal to fans of Henri Nouwen.” (Read More)

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