A melody for Ukraine

I can’t remember everything we hummed for each other that day. I am certain, though, that one melody would have have been Beethoven’s Nineth Symphony, set to poet Friedrich Schiller’s Ode to Joy. On that day, my new friend and I needed more than words. We needed a form of communication that spanned countries, ethnicity … More A melody for Ukraine

Milestone or millstone?

Milestone: a stone or post at the side of the road that shows the distance to various places, especially to the nearest large town; an important event in the development or history of something or in someone’s life Millstone: one of a pair of large, circular, flat stones used, especially in the past, to crush … More Milestone or millstone?

Hierarchy of Affection

I went for a walk this morning, curious to see what the great storm that swept across the lake last evening had left in its wake. There were plenty of broken branches sheared from trees by the force of the wind or perhaps a lightening strike. Leaves littered the ground and floated on the lake. … More Hierarchy of Affection